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Biographie We ended up opting for a headless CMS, specifically Contentful. Contentful Binance Phone Number +1{866}979.4972 Support Customer Service♑ is a content platform that delivers a headless approach to content vBinance Support Number +1-866-979-4972 helpline number
Making the CMS easy-to-use for non-technical team members is extremely important. With our first pass at CMS landing pages, we had created some data structures with advanced features (such as generic layout creation) which were mostly only understood and serviceable by Engineers (thus defeating the main value prop of the CMS). We countered this by favoring editor experience above all else. By automating advanced features within Contentful wherever possible (such as automatically determining which layout would best suit a set of content), we could allow editors to focus on editing rather than building.
By integrating with Contentful (a third party), our frontends became dependent upon Contentful’s uptime. Contentful has a very consistent track record of nearly 100% uptime, but this reliance was challenged when Contentful experienced two outages due to some widespread DNS issues. (To be fair to Contentful, these outages were also experienced by some of the world’s largest websites and were the only instances we’ve seen where Contentful was unavailable). To ensure availability of our higher visibility pages (such as our homepage),Binance Support Number +1-866-979-4972 helpline number we determined the best path forward was to introduce a reverse API proxy which leverages the stale-if-error header, in order for our CDN to serve cached content if the upstream call happens to fail. This allows us to stay up even if the CMS goes down (for X number of days). as well as backend extensibility to integrate with our preferred tools and ways of working. Being “headless” means the CMS is UI agnostic —
it separates the content from the experience, simply providing structured JSON to the frontend, which allows for us to totally control the frontend experience.
Integrating with Contentful was simply a matter of creating data structures representing different types of content (via the Contentful UI) a
nd then mapping those Binance Phone Number +1{866}979.4972 Support Customer Service♑ data structures to React components (which handled actually rendering the data)
She was stunned. Binance Support Number +1-866-979-4972 helpline number 
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